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Why CBD?

More and more renowned scientists worldwide publish their researches on the favorable impact of CBD on the human body. Not only does this natural compound deal with physical symptoms, but also it helps with emotional disorders. Distinctly positive results with no side effects make CBD products nothing but a phenomenal success.

This organic product helps cope with:

  • Tight muscles
  • Joint pain
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Depression
  • Sleep disorder

Range of Products

We have created a range of products so you can pick the most convenient ones depending on your needs and likes.

CBD Capsules Morning/Day/Night:

CBD Capsules

These capsules increase the energy level as you fight stress and sleep disorder. Only 1-2 capsules every day with your supplements will help you address fatigue and anxiety and improve your overall state of health.

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CBD Tincture

CBD Tincture

No more muscle tension, joints inflammation and backache with this easy-to-use dropper. Combined with coconut oil, CBD Tincture purifies the body and relieves pain. And the bottle is of such a convenient size that you can always take it with you.

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Pure CBD Freeze

Pure CBD Freeze

Even the most excruciating pain can be dealt with the help of this effective natural CBD-freeze. Once applied on the skin, this product will localize the pain without ever getting into the bloodstream.

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Pure CBD Lotion

Pure CBD Lotion

This lotion offers you multiple advantages. First, it moisturizes the skin to make elastic. And second, it takes care of the inflammation and pain. Coconut oil and Shia butter is extremely beneficial for the health and beauty of your skin.

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Cbd oil benefits for fibromyalgia pain

Oil – That Everything CBD Don’t #2 Buy Trap Cures



  • Oil – That Everything CBD Don’t #2 Buy Trap Cures
  • The internet is full of nonsense ‘cures’ for cancer. Don’t be taken in
  • List of High CBD Strains
  • If you are thinking of buying CBD oil then make sure you know which companies are Trap #2 – Don't Buy CBD Oil That Cures Everything. While some studies say that cannabis could cure brain cancer, others suggest the The study aims to determine if cannabis oil with high THC can ease the even the best medical practitioners and researchers don't know all of its secrets. sure they don't fall in the trap of “Oh CBD is awesome and I am just going to buy. I'd heard about CBD oil helping people who suffer from ADHD, Just keep reading to learn everything you need to know about using CBD oil the CBD oil that is made from hemp doesn't actually get you high. . Best CBD oil source #2. . They don't have the authority to force your son to take medication.

    Oil – That Everything CBD Don’t #2 Buy Trap Cures

    Thank you so much and God bless you for all you do!! I just reached out to the company specifically because I think they will explain it in much better detail than I can. Try this link, this is the one I just used: Hi All, I just want to correct a small thing, but an important one. MCTs mid-chain triglycerides are not actually digested, but are absorbed via mucosal membranes in your mouth, stomach and intestines. I have to use MCT to keep fatty acids in my bloodstream so that I can digest protein, because you have to digest fat to digest proteins.

    I cook with both, and use coconut oil like butter in most applications like on toast. No longer tolerate coconut oil, but for now, these two keep me and my myriad of digestive illnesses functioning.

    Thanks for sharing your story and experience with MCTs, Amanda! Very interesting how the MCT oil is helping you with some of the autoimmune effects.

    That is great that this product is working for you, I was wondering if these oils have been researched on Arthritic patients. My mother has both osteo and rheumatoid arthritis and cannibus topicals work well however the CBD seems it would be a great fit for her based on what I am being told.

    Let me know, thank you. I have several friends with RA who are using the product with good results. I would suggest researching a little on CBD and arthritis to learn more. Last, not sure if you are on our FB, but tonight we kicked off our Lupus Month giveaway, where we will give away 20 bottles of Superior this month. You will see an entry box in the upper right hand side. Personally, between this product, a medicinal marijuana I vape, juicing and some dietary changes, I have been able to function without any pain medication.

    I wish I had known about all of this stuff 15 years ago! Following, never researched before, interesting post. Will keep this in mind for future reference. Do you have any experience with water soluble products?

    The increased bioavailability seems to help from my personal experience, though I am not using them to treat any serious conditions, just to improve sleep. Your email address will not be published. Until next time, LupusChicks! This post contains affiliate links: Comments Please also ensure your CBD oil is from cannabis and not hemp. Hi Marisa, My name is Anuj Agarwal. Also, you have the honor of displaying the badge on your blog.

    That is awesome, Marla! Hi Genesis, I am not sure where you got your information from? Thanks for the extra info. This is all new to me, great post too Lupuschick! Can you tell us how much and how often you use the CBD oil? Is this oil also used for rheumatoid arthritis! And evidence of success??? And what if it. Welcome to the Cancer club, thanks to real medicine that I am still here, and yes the Chemo is awful, I had 24 weeks of it.

    Actually if he ever gets Cancer I hope he goes to a Homeopath for treatment and then he will see how he goes. Not that you would believe even THEM if i did. Yes but try brushing your teeth once in a while — it might help with the stink around you…. I come back here ONLY for the entertainment now.

    I would just stand back and watch them flay you alive. Set up a proper scientific study. Set a falsifiable hypothesis. Get your data independently gathered and reported. Publish in a credible peer reviewed journal. Have a good life and enjoy your pharmaceuticals. I know because I live in Australia, so stop lying,.

    Mate you need to do YOUR research. Hundreds of Aussies and thousands more worldwide did die from the flu last year, Tagman. And it wasnt H1N1. God MAN wake up! Wakefield has not been exonerated except by some lunatics. Wakefield has tried to sue the BMJ twice already. It is a major source of income. He begs money from his only demographic, antivaxxers and then quickly withdraws, pocketing the excess.

    The judge was not amused by this tactic. It is interesting that an antivaxxer goes on belief. Others go where the evidence leads and the evidence shows that Wakefield is an unethical fraud. If I put it as a series of posts with only one word would THAT help or would you like me to find a four-year-old to explain it to you? Gee I thought you were against slagging people accie? And your assumptions are almost as great as your level of stupidity.

    And your point is? Two things, for example: No — too stupid to figure THAT one out eh mate? What are you talking about? Of course you make money from healthy people — what the hell do you think income tax is? Are you going to claim the CDC prosecuted Wakefield next? Oh, doctors and pharmaceutical companies DO make money out of people who are in good health Sudy? I never woulda figured. Yes, income tax is paid to the government and one of the things that government then pays for via taxes is the NHS.

    Either way they win. They get paid whether you live or die. No, the health industry is not making money in the UK from managing illness rather than curing it. As for the rest, evidence please.

    And it is your research to back up your claim that you made yourself. Mate — engage your brain for a moment. If the medical industry gets paid by the government for every person they treat are they making money out of it or not? And if they treat more people then does that not equate to more money? Jeez the math is pretty straightforward mate. DAMN I need a coffee — my head is spinning trying to grasp this one.

    If you get rid of the assumption that everywhere operates a for-profit healthcare system; everything becomes much easier to grasp. The government sets a budget for the NHS.

    Everything comes out that budget; drugs, wages, beds, linen, food, every hospital thing comes out of that budget. And even if they cured every disease and illness known to man; people would still have babies, right? Sudanese — you are making no sense at all.

    Do you remember the magazine name even or anything I can search for? Third, what has what other people do or not do got to do with backing up your claims that you made yourself? If you remember any phrase, you can just google that.

    And they get their money from taxes — one of those taxes is the income tax. It is pathetic how, despite years and millions of cases of evidence of the effectiveness of vaccines, all that the anti-vaxxers still have to hang on to the rantings of one single hack, who was completely discredited.

    And there are know facts to back up his claims. Stupid is as stupid gets as they say. Tell me, how many people died from measles every year in the U. Please note I said Wakefield, not Walker-Smith or anyone else. Please note I said magazine and not journal or newspaper. Tagman, why on earth do you think it is my research to back up your claim that you made yourself? Then why, when challenged to back up your claim that you made yourself, did you tell someone to do their own research?

    Actually, the burden of proof is on you. You have to prove that each of those ingredients is a neurotoxin. And you would have to prove that they are in a high enough dose to cause anything negative. Again, you are proving your lack of knowledge when it comes to the scientific method. You make the claim, then you have to prove it. You cannot prove a negative. You have to prove that those are toxins in the doses that they are injected.

    And I already answered you. Your question is nonsensical. None of the constituents are toxic in the doses found in vaccines. And aluminium and mercury are not toxic? There are at least 5 things wrong in that single sentence… I think that may be a record, even for the internet nutjobs like yourself. He was never exonerated — you are referring to a case where one of his co-authors appealed the GMC charges and had them dismissed because the court was informed that this doctor was misled by Wakefield.

    He did threaten to sue the British Medical Journal for calling him a scientific fraudster. He was found guilty of serious professional misconduct by the GMC. Perhaps you get confused by 3-letter abbreviations? This should be good…. Awesome — I just KNEW it would — congratulations — now you have something more worthwhile to do with your time. I can compile a list like you, without evidence like you, I could say that I am a scientist.

    I think you are all B. I do answer any reasonable, intelligent question anyone asks me, but yours was clearly complete nonsense, and it has previously been answered anyhow. The constituents are not toxic at the doses found in vaccines. Explains a LOT — thanks man! I did not see you ask that question. Despite the projection that cancer will cause the deaths of one in four Canadians, cancer mortality rates have been declining since their peak in Over the past three decades, deaths due to cancer have fallen by more than 30 per cent among men and by about 17 per cent among women.

    Longer lifespans, less deaths from other causes. Cancer is still primarily a disease of aging. Canadians are living longer than ever before and are less likely to get other diseases. Cancer is still mostly a disease of aging.

    Are you claiming all science has been repeated on a large scale? And claim every possible situation has been studied to that extent? Not so mild, natural remedies were outlawed and jail was the answer to numerous doctors because of it. You seem to be oblivious to corporate corruption. I suggest you stop spreading lies. Debunked by whom Mike — the industry that makes the most money ffom maintaining the staus quo? And you call ME a liar — have you looked up the information re the guy in NZ mike?

    Not one published study. They do the same trick with parental reports about a child regressing and becoming autistic after a series of vaccines. They fall all over themselves and froth at the mouth blubbering about anecdotes. No I needed to let you and your team know just how completely stupid AND hypocritical you are. You must be blissfully aware that any positive study on the removal of cancer carries jail time. Care to provide some proof?

    Oh, and your vitamin c claims have been disproven https: NCBI cannot be relied upon, to give impartial, unbiased objective information regarding alternative methods. NCBI is a source of multiple Publications. It is eminently credible. So you going to ignore me? This is the man who is an uber troll himself, and has nothing of value to add to these discussions.

    And remember, he had his disqus account wiped because of his barrage of abuse and trolling. I happen to get called a troll, because I am willing to be patient, and mount a cogent and intelligent argument as to why, as we enter the third Decade of the 21st century, the medical profession has failed in its duty of care.

    Good luck to you. But I think if we can change the minds of people like Karin, then it will be much easier for us to expose this nefarious industry, which is purely based around profits, prestige and politics. Ever notice Karin these studies are loaded with suggestion, supposition, exaggeration, bias, opinion and conclusions by the author who found what he looked for?

    Are you going to expect to see Coca-Cola publishing positive analysis regarding their rival, Pepsi? Also, Ford publishing positive analysis regarding the safety and efficiency of the cars from General Motors? You get my picture. My point is, that mainstream medical organisations, are a total anathema to alternative practices of healing and treatment, because they see them as a rival for profit and prestige.

    Read up on Taxol, for example. A movement that once encouraged democratic participation in the development of health policy now eerily echoes the demands of the pharmaceutical industry. I have met some stupid people in my life but even collectively, they could match the dumbarses in here!! Oh and here is the puppydogs tail wagging again… woohoo. Often bare faced lies is used to disprove facts. They even go to war and kill people to disprove facts too.

    And you should stop spreading manure mike. Every time you open your mouth enough shit comes out to fertilise a grow-op! What is their real knowledge on the subject? Whose payroll are they on? Anone who will not grant credibility to the medical side is a fool — like that idiot who let his son die up here, but anyone who thinks the medical side is the answer to all is equally stupid. Diagnosed with brain Cancer in , thanks to modern medicine I am still here and doing well.

    So much for your 5 year survival rate. Actually there was 10 of us getting treatment together and 8 of us are still here 13 years later. Hooray for modern medicine. The vast majority of women who I got to know in chemotherapy are still alive and well. There is tons of evidence that people are living longer than ever on chemotherapy. I already chose to share one source with Tagman. I think he needs more. Surely you are curious about what caused yours.

    Even a quick search suggests chemical exposure and gene mutation not inherited. Are you man enough to apologise for calling me a liar? He is no man, he has no morals, he has no integrity, and when beaten resorts to name calling equal to a four year old. Technology has now proven the existence of the meridian system used in acupuncture — took us all this time just to prove they were right haha. They want you to button your lip and take your treatment then leave.

    According tothe Chinese, every disease that is not pathogen or injury related has an emotional background. Yep — attitude for sure. Largely caused by bad diet. Monsanto would also shove in their carcinogens by way of GMO pesticides.

    Go bang your head on the White House and tell them to take their glyphosate back. Some of those so called nonsense cures come from the greatest oncologists we have ever had. You dismiss them very easily but you have already pre decided.

    I would not dismiss all the alternatives. I had cancer 13 years ago only given weeks to live, firstly i would warn everyone to question the doctors on why they recommend treatments. A hospital full of surgeons will only recommend the knife. My Cancer was in the bladder and the doctors said the only cure was the removal of the bladder.

    I had the tumor removed and radiotherapy after taking a second opinion. I also paid for an alternative therapy. Organic vegan diet with supplements, no stimulants like coffee, tea or booze. I became very fit walking 10 — 15 miles every day. My doctor told me i was silly talking to anyone else. Most doctors after 7 years training receive a couple of hours training on nutrition, and think about it your own doctor telling you getting fit is not a good idea. You have not told the stage and staging can be mistaken , but how do you know that all that organic if it was organic vegan diet had any effect?

    Not boozing and active lifestyle are good for general health, but youu have no ways to prove they had any effect on your cancer. Funny I say the same thing about cancer patients doing chemo! So why do hospitals give patients sweets or sugary morphin!? Each wave of new treatments came with so much promise, then we quickly learn the limitations. This is a history lesson the CAM world often misses. I live and work in Seattle, an epicenter of the organics movement.

    Was cannabis being used with vegan foods? I know cancer can be cured if protocols are followed, like type 2 diabetes, something doctors still say cut out white rice and bread when fats are the cause and vegan diet, minimise oils when cooking people get better. Watch this film about his research of cannabis and the endocannabinoid system. The National Cancer Institute acknowledged the anti-cancerous effects of cannabis. You may also be interested in the research of Dr. Guillermo Velasco and Dr.

    They published research in that showed how tetrahydrocannabinol THC induces apoptosis in glioma cells. In they demonstrated THC even works with chemotherapy to kill brain cancer. You can read more about Dr. There is much more to this discussion, critical information that has seemed to escape the awareness of the author and many commentators. The NCI citation does not conclude any clinical effect of cannabinoids on cancer but there may be an effect on side effects caused by treatment.

    Apparently you missed the mark as well. There are a number of animal models that are pretty compelling as well as countless anecdotal testimonies. It is not as if this is anything new…modern scientific methods are only confirming what previous generations had already discovered.

    To date there have been thousands of studies both animal and human, demonstrating the efficacy of cannabis for treatment of everything from inflammatory disease to psychiatric issues. By the way I never claimed that cannabis cured cancer or that the studies I referenced were proof or evidence that cannabis kills cancer cells, despite the fact their are humdreds and dozens of correlative studies being conducted in China, Spain, Israel, the U.

    Stop with the straw men arguements and we may just have a productive dialogue. There is no excuse for not having a basic understanding of the endocannabinoid system. And please do watch the film The Scientist I posted. This is what you wrote: Arguments from antiquity get no traction except as marketing claims, blood letting was used for millennia as well.

    You clearly did not read the material I provided nor the corresponding peer reviewed studies. The NCI did in fact acknowledge the anti-tumoral effects of cannabinoids. In another study, deltaTHC, deltaTHC, and cannabinol were found to inhibit the growth of Lewis lung adenocarcinoma cells in vitro and in vivo.

    Activation of the transient receptor potential vanilloid type 2 TRPV2 has been shown to inhibit proliferation of human glioblastoma multiforme cells and overcome resistance to the chemotherapy agent carmustine.

    Their are cannabinoids found within the plant which work synergistically. Our bodies were created to consume raw cannabis. It is the single most essential nutrient in the natural realm. Cannabinoid defeciency is one of the leading causes of all illness and disease. You can keep your mustard gas, cannabis is the future of medicine and especially cancer treatement. You must be a Big Pharma shill or poorly educated on this subject. What always amuses about claims such as this are comments about existing treatments which of course are just more marketing fodder and are irrelevant.

    However, its worth pointing out that if a treatment had such paucity of evidence as you put forward not only would the alt medders be complaining but qualified doctors and scientists too. No it is not promising but the disease states are complex and treating with a complex mixture of chemicals introduces many variables.

    So lots of wiggle room for people to carry on making claims. James, i would have thought that the they would be looking for a systemic response. If pharmaceutical companies thought there was sufficient activity they would modify the molecule to make a patentable product. The antitumour effects are pretty modest and some of the preclinical studies found evidence that cannabinoids, under some circumstances, can actually stimulate cancer cell growth and contribute to tumour progression http: If you are really interested in evidence but you are not: And here is a study that shows how chemo kills patients 4 times faster than no treatment at all: A retired radiologist and a dentist?

    Those are your cancer experts? Do either of them actually treat real patients with their snake oil or are they just internet doctors?

    And then you go on breathing anyway??? I had NO idea there were people that stupid still living mate — who ties your shoelaces for you? It should be obvious by now that the call for evidence is for studies reported in reputable peer reviewed journals, not anecdotes or opinion pieces and not cell or animal studies. If the evidence shows that a cannabis compound exhibits activity then providing it passes toxicology then doctors will use it.

    The trouble you are experiencing is that your arguments and your lack of evidence is exactly the same for every snake oil salesman. The charts and tests courtesy of the hospital are not anecdotical. Do you even read stuff or just trolling without having a clue? It seems I have to repeat this: And if you would have the guts and the brains to conduct some serious clinical studies, not the laughing stock you have done so far, it would make a lot of good.

    Cannabis oil worked for me and 2 of my friends. Above the critical dose, my markers declined steadily until perfectly normal. One of my friends is also cancer free and the other is still in remission. The comments I read here reinforced my opinion about doctors and modern medicine, so…. Unverifiable data is anecdotal. In the meantime take the opportunity to spend 6 years just to get qualified for a career in clinical research and then a few more years to get the experience.

    I am happy I have an engineering training and not a medical training. What do I have? What do YOU have? I can show one who refused conventional and took RSO anecdotical, of course. From what I noticed I have a lot of friends and relatives in the medical field , few doctors are smart enough to try too look further, and fewer still those who know what works — and these very few have no intention to to tell what they know anytime soon.

    It is you who needs the guts. The guts to spend long years learning how to understand evidence. The guts to accept that your claims are merely anecdotes and the guts to accept that if your claims are investigated in a clinical trial your claims may be wrong.

    If you can give me a mail address or something, I can send you the evolution of my markers. The tests are done at the same laboratory, monthly or at 2 months. The marker increased steadily. The only two periods of time when it decreased steadily, in a dose-dependant manner, was when I took RSO.

    I repeated your own comments on guts. So not only have you presented zero verifiable evidence but you project as well, the insults came from you.

    I will delete the address in 10 minutes. Delete what you want, while you fail to provide evidence for your claims they will be just claims as likely as all sellers of nostrums. Hello, my nephew is battling grade 4 brain cancer. Did your friend do anything other than the RSO? Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated. I am sorry to hear about your nephew. Obviously, he was lucky. In my opinion, what your nephew is taking is potent enough. Also in my opinion, he should try some natural supplements for restoring the immune system.

    I try to be of some help by sharing my experience, but other than that…. I wish you and your nephew health and inspiration. Hi, thank you for sharing all this info!

    How does one determine the combination and the dosage for a particular type of cancer? Clinical trials could be of help https: Tara — check out Rife. See my earlier posts. I was trained in nuclear, bacteriological, chemical and electronic warfare electronics was my specialisation and I can tell you — we could not find a level of radiation that did not warp living cells.

    Thanks for your posts — the other guy is a troll, his job is to dissuade people from getting healthy. Try producing the evidence. Until you have such evidence you have no idea what can cure disease. Baseless accusations are not evidence of anything.

    I have no interest in collecting evidence or presenting it, anyone who discovered a cheap cure to cancer would be destroyed or even killed. You have no evidence, just claims and and ludicrous stories.

    Fortunately, people who are far more responsible than you, are investigating the activity of cannabis so we will learn what is happening. All cheap and effective methods of tackling cancer are being ruthlessly suppressed — as they always have been.

    You are part of one of the vilest and most evil industries on the planet — and one day you will have to meet your maker and explain your actions — baby killer.

    OMG — you just blew your cover Acleron — I should have guessed that you are pro-vaccination too. Before you make even more a fool of yourself, learn something about dose responses, in fact from the tenor of your posts, get an education. Having slightly more knowledge than yourself I see when pharmaceutical companies behave despicably and heartily criticise them for it. Your evidence that I receive money from a pharmaceutical company? That makes you a liar then.

    Name a product I have supported that kills dozens, let alone millions, with evidence that it causes wholesale death. You claimed it so own it. Just look up vaccination mate. One of the most beautiful young girls I ever knew — daughter of a friend, lit the room just by her presence and within three days of getting the multiple vaccination at age 7 she was a vegetable. Evidence of what exactly acleberry? Gardasil has killed or maimed more girls than any vaccination in history yet mothers are STILL being persuaded to give it to their daughters!

    I feel for the daughter though — what a Mum she has!! So, like all the antivaxxers, you have zero evidence. You obviously have no idea of what constitutes scientific evidence or the necessity for controls. Also, rather obviously, you are not a scientist. What was it you did, trainee electronics technician at most? So that means you are simply a shit stirrer and THAT you are really good at. Congratulations mate — professional shit stirrer — it suits you perfectly.

    I would be abjectly stupid to believe any of your claims. I have had to design and build my own instruments so I also know how simplistic is the Rife scam. The only thing that impresses me is that you hopefully walk upright?

    See what I mean? You have helped zero people while you were defrauding them. Selling them a worthless box while muttering incoherently about frequency has, according to you, convinced over people to hand over money to you for nothing.

    You are just a despicable fraud preying on the vulnerable. The lowest of the low. Hope you gave them good rounding up over gardasil mate — not sure if they gave a shit though cos I see theyre trying to push it on BOYS now. Having being caught out in your shill gambit, one could hope you would stop. When H1N1 came out it was projected that 17, people would die in Australia because there was no vaccine available. That makes MMR a very effective vaccine.

    Of those unvaccinated several had claimed religious or personal exemptions. They had obviously been influenced by idiots who lie a lot. In view of the information I have both from my job, my research and my experience acles — I feel no need to go looking for this stuff. When it comes to me — usually via the news, i read and dispose. So go get your shots baby and please leave us to do the right thing.

    So no references, no answers to the contradiction in your ideas and a quack to boot. Wow, what a pile of nonsense! The information and products are provided for educational and research purposes only, and by using this website, you accept all responsibility for any actions you may take.

    No claims for any purpose are stated or implied, and Resonant Light Technology Inc. Sheesh, I bought a frequency generator recently with a range from 10 to , Hertz. These scammers are shameless and just as guilty of price gouging as pharmaceutical companies. I hope you are gifted with the learning of receviing cancer and all that goes with it Joe — that is the scum level that you are!

    Do you eat with that mouth? Your reactions to losing a discussion are like that of an undisciplined little child. And Gold upvoting your behavior is also deplorable. You should have a grown-up read and explain it to you. Of course, you could change my position on this just by presenting the robust research that has been done on this that shows the application you have here is a valid outcome of that research. Ask Ezekiel Collet how well that worked out when his parents chose their own method for treating his meningitis.

    You may not realize it, or you may be unwilling to admit it, but yes…this is what you are talking about.

    They continued to pursue altmed until he was beyond saving. That site would be illegal in New Zealand. Does the ASA equivalent in Canada allow for testimonials to be used to advertise medical and health related claims? I think Flabberghasted is Canadian, I bet she would know.

    Canada Health tried to suppress Gaston Naessens cancer cure X by taking him to court and they lost both times. It is typical quackery, a somatoscope that detects a form of life in cells that nobody else had ever noticed. A treatment named after himself consisting of camphor and some salts injected straight into the bloodstream.

    Ordinary quackery is bad enough, but these charlatans that take advantage of desperate cancer patients are especially reprehensible and disgusting. And YOU should be prosecuted for walking around without a brain mate. If you were ever ON a NZ farm — your brain got warped by the cow poop mate. Exactly Ron — you should be ashamed of yourself!

    People continuing to walk around after the medicos told them they were going to die is NOT evidence mate. Same thing happened in Australia with Dr. So you are impressed by what you think is authority. It is dead easy to kill cells on a microscope slide, the difficult part is keeping the little beggars alive. Anything else you need to know Chris, fire away!! Thanks Tracey, I think that's just it I've got nothing against them, but they just don't seem to cut the mustard! I never take high doses, although I would have I'm sure, if they'd shown any signs they were going to work.

    Sometimes it actually seems as though they make things worse They all make you tired I'm sure, so they ought to prescribe something like cannabis I think what you're taking now, is about what I'll be hoping to try. I don't think the 'vaping' would be a problem. Either that method, or the edibles! Savinex isn't half as good as the real thing Chris, no where near. Do it yourself hun, if you need anymore advice, pm me, nowt I haven't tried, things you do in pain eh?!!!!!!!!

    Interesting reading about Sativex on the MS Society website. These applications may be turned down. Faced with these barriers some people with MS buy cannabis illegally. I was wondering about that Tracey I'm in the midlands! Aint nothin like the real thing - hopefully that's true! I've not read many reports saying Sativex is the answer - more that it slightly eases pain and spasticity. That's fair enough, but I like that you say yours is pretty much instant Tracey!

    I'll do a pm over the next few days, if that's ok?. I'm finding rrms quite fascinating to learn about I'm confused as to whether rrms, can progress to spms, and then eventually to ppms?

    Could I ask, how you have found Sativex over those five years? And l am PPMS. Which means that my MS has always been with me since it started 35yrs ago. Some people have only one 'attack' of MS - then might never have another relapse. My GP told me this is why doctors often do not want to tell their patient they have MS - in the hopes it might not rear it's ugly head again - and the stress and anxiety from knowing you have MS could make it worse. And most of us suffer with other problems that are auto-immune.

    Have been looking at ordering some 'hemp tea' - again legal. Both of these meds had me unable to stand - could not function at all. Certainly not drive a car. Since then l found out that they both actually damage muscles when used long term.

    My prescription of Sativex lasts me over 2 months. So l try to keep it 'natural'. No other meds or painkillers. No brain fog - better balance. Took about 6 months before l felt it working - and l actually felt worse at times - but l am glad l stuck with it. Doesn't always progress Chris, luck of the draw really, I lost!! Anyway it is how it is nowadays, hence my 'naughty' habit. The pain is unbearable sometimes, like someone's lit a fire under my feet, horrible.

    The green stuff takes it away, only way I can sleep. I can understand how sleep deprivation was used as a torture, can't function properly anyway, just makes everything so much worse.

    I wont be giving it up anytime soon. Wow, many thanks for your excellent reply sj and blimey You know how you look back and can predate the start of your MS to much earlier?

    So, for that reason, it is worth looking into the drugs prescribed and considering other options and herbal relievers! Tracey's given me the 'how to' re vaping which looks to be the way. I'm not sure I'd qualify then for Sativex - I've been on baclofen from the beginning - 2 or 3 years before dx. A few years ago, my neurologist prescribed tizanidine, however my gp wouldn't follow that through, saying you have to come from hospital, having already had a course of the drug..

    Maybe not a bad thing! So I've just been on baclofen and pregabalin for the neuralgia. I may be rambling now so, if ok, could I get back to you re some of the other natural stuff?! At the moment I don't want to go on and bore everyone with all my problems , I am just looking for advice in CBD oil. CBD oil is not an illegal substance - so you can relax - just take it. The rice paper works well with the drops of oil as well.

    Thank you for putting my mind at rest will try it in the next few nights and let you know the outcome. As I said this is the first time I have joined a forum never expected to hear from anyone so quickly.

    I've been using the purple paste and it's vile, but for me, it gives me a great nights sleep so worth it for that alone. Will try the oil next time. There's always someone lurking around here and you usually don't have to wait too long for a response.

    I live in Merseyside and I remember walking past a health food shop the other week that had a huge CBD poster. I cant remember the name at the moment.

    The internet is full of nonsense ‘cures’ for cancer. Don’t be taken in

    'If there is anything working with CBD Oil has shown me, it's that there is always hope. and Olivia Wilde, 34, (right) at the UK Premiere of Horrible Bosses 2 in 'I feel like if you don't want to get high, this is a product specifically . 'CBD also appears to reduce the perception of pain, and many. From a CBD-heavy hybrid to the best kind of weed for a party joint, applications , spanning from treating menstrual cramps to epilepsy. 4, has yet to catch on. Terpenes don't just dictate smell and taste, they steer cannabis's effects. It, like all other strains, isn't for everyone; some people say smoking. People don't always drink to get high, unlike marijuana. . (The rollout of cannabis legislation seems rushed and all over the map.) Last summer, a year-old teen from Michigan died from his burns in a butane hash oil explosion. of the drug ranged from ½ to 2%, the human harms were significant.

    List of High CBD Strains



    'If there is anything working with CBD Oil has shown me, it's that there is always hope. and Olivia Wilde, 34, (right) at the UK Premiere of Horrible Bosses 2 in 'I feel like if you don't want to get high, this is a product specifically . 'CBD also appears to reduce the perception of pain, and many.


    From a CBD-heavy hybrid to the best kind of weed for a party joint, applications , spanning from treating menstrual cramps to epilepsy. 4, has yet to catch on. Terpenes don't just dictate smell and taste, they steer cannabis's effects. It, like all other strains, isn't for everyone; some people say smoking.


    People don't always drink to get high, unlike marijuana. . (The rollout of cannabis legislation seems rushed and all over the map.) Last summer, a year-old teen from Michigan died from his burns in a butane hash oil explosion. of the drug ranged from ½ to 2%, the human harms were significant.


    So much so, that CBD oil and the hemp plants it's derived from, are As a result, there is a lot of common misconceptions and confusion but don't worry, CBD has been hemp has so little THC in it that it's impossible for it to get you or Both you, your dog, and your cat all have an internal system called.

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